• Kwame Michel


i started to embrace the concept about minimalism 2 years ago when I found myself questioning the purchases that I made trying to impress people and have them view me based on what I owned. I soon found myself in debt and realizing that they were more impressed with the things that I owned and less with me. I started realizing that the the items owned me and not the reverse. I felt that I had to go within and love myself first. I started doing some soul searching and chose to prioritize my well being and become mindful about my possessions, relationships and mindset. I thought to myself that it took so many years to possess this mindset of feeling not being enough, tying my self worth in the things that I owned to that which could be replaced with affirmations, creating space for myself and to love me more first. I had always loved and put others first more than myself and it stopped me being the best version of me. By letting go of possessions that didn’t serve me and hold onto things that maybe one day I would use. It allowed me to see the possibilities that I can extend this principle of minimalism to other areas of my life. For me being a minimalist is about being intentional about the things that serve me and letting go of the things that do not. I am grateful for everything, good and bad, that has happened to me because it has brought me to this moment. This is a journey and a way of life for me not a destination, I invite you to explore a life of living more with less.

Kwame Michel

Live On Purpose

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