• Kwame Michel

The Time Is Now....

Never in my lifetime would I experience the peace that I had over the last several months. With everything happening with the "new" normal, I have felt this overwhelming sense of peace of letting go of things, people and thoughts that don't serve me. I know for many it has brought the opposite and for that I wish to extend something for them to think consider, the time is now for re-examining the life we wish to lead or the relationships that we cling to hoping for happiness or maybe the possessions that we covet more than what's truly important.

Now more than ever, it's time to see what living life can give us by letting go. To live fully means that you may have to examine and question everything in your life and ask "Am I happy?". Happiness is not a destination but a way of life where we get to choose ourselves. No one can make us happy nor should we expect anyone too. We must not give that power to someone but the only way that can happen is to be intentional and make that happen. The time is now to live fully and be the best version of you. Live On Purpose!

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