• Kwame Michel

Set Boundaries To Live Fully

Have you ever found yourself being pulled in different directions trying to please everyone. That used to be me years ago until I was able to realize that was operating at such a high level that something had to give.

I comprised my health, wellbeing and respect to make everyone around me happy while depriving myself of what truly made me happy. I decided to see my life differently and love myself from a place of self care. I set boundaries in every area in my life and the people around me felt I was at first avoiding them but it was merely trying to reclaim my life and place a stake where I would and wouldn’t go at the time.

To life fully means that I had to prioritize my well being to be better for myself and for everything around me. What good would I be if I existed just to coast and not live a life where I could live the life that I felt deserving to live.

I often say that “to win you have to lose” and that simply means, to gain the things important to yourself you may have to let go of things and people that don’t serve you. It’s not about saying no to loved one or work but yes to yourself. Starting today, ask yourself what are the things that you want from life and what boundaries are you willing to set today to live fully today.

Live On Purpose

Kwame Michel

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