• Kwame Michel

Living Your Best with Less

I was one to believe that acquiring things made me important in the eyes of others. The name brands items was my way to let others believe that I arrived and I was important or at least I thought I was. Trying to impress others with what I had and believing that I was successful is the problem that I had within myself. That I wasn't enough and if I projected to the world an image that let others know that I looked the part and wasn't the best version of me.

It was after realizing that those people that I was trying to impress didn't care about what I was wearing and thought more of the value that I brought them. I was facing the imposter syndrome and

debt, it was when I embraced minimalism and found that letting go of things and how people viewed me it freed me to value what is truly important. I know that now my life is best with less and I feel a sense of purpose and living the best version of my life. My goal is to show others how they too can live their best life with less.

Live On Purpose!

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