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How to Become “Unstuck” — So You Can Get Ahead!

I’ll do it tomorrow.” How many times might you have uttered that phrase to put off a task that needs doing? That task can be for anything — something as simple and mundane as replenishing the paper supply in your printer, to something as serious as having an important talk with a loved one. Procrastination is part of human nature, but it can also become a hindrance, dragging you down and preventing you from accomplishing the goals you need to meet.

Take heart: There is plenty you can do to make it easier to get on with the task at hand. Feeling overwhelmed already? Try at least one of these tips today:

  1. Write a daily “to-do” list: The act of writing a list helps you to focus, especially if your job involves lots of different tasks and responsibilities. Your to-do list will also keep you on track during the day.

  2. Break it down: Determine the steps you need to take to tackle a particular project. Grab some index cards and put one step of the project on each card. Then pick a card and start.

  3. Reward yourself: You’ll be more apt to check each task off one by one, if you have mini- rewards to look forward to at the end of each.

  4. Keep the momentum going: It’s more difficult to get a project done if you’re feeling sluggish. Before you begin, and after completing each task, do something active, to keep the endorphins flowing, like going for a walk, doing jumping jacks, or dancing.

  5. Remember to “unplug”: Get your voicemail to pick up your calls, turn off your email and text notifiers and your TV. These are all distractions that can cloud your focus.

At With You In Mind Coaching, we are committed to helping you become a happier, more productive individual. We help facilitate self-growth through increasing clarity and inspiring self-motivation, so that you can better manage the emotional stress of everyday life. If you’re feeling lost or stressed, we’ll show you how to move forward in a more mindful manner. For more information, contact us today.

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