• Kwame Michel

Creating Space for What Matters

I have embraced minimalism for about 2 years and it has brought clarity to my life and has made me more intentional of what is really important. In the past, I bought into the idea that I had to dress a certain way and own exclusive name brand items to look successful. Only to realize that I was lying to myself and others.

Trying to impress people and promoting an image that I couldn't sustain. And for what? Most people couldn't care less and if they did they weren't drawn to me but to what I projected. To have people admire you for what you own was a shallow and empty feeling that I created for myself and I was tired of trying to be what I wasn't. I got to the point in my life where I decided that I really didn't love myself and what I was worth.

I soon started investing in my self-growth and wanted to be more intentional in creating space for who I wanted to become and minimalism afforded me that opportunity. I read about the lives of others who wanted to live more meaningful lives and prioritize getting out of debt and contributing to things they were passionate about.

It has been my journey now and I'm not looking back. It has allowed me to follow my path to being intentional and creating space for truly matters in my life. The only way to truly live a life fully is to be present to what is now and creating space to be the best version of yourself.

Live On Purpose!

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