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A Comprehensive Guide To Business Coaching Services

A successful business is not built by a single person or even a handful of them, rather it stands on the shoulders of many dedicated professionals. One such professional could be a business coach who focuses on several aspects that improve leadership, management and ensure a steady growth and success of your business.

Entrepreneurs may need guidance and assistance at several crucial times and those are the times when business coaching matters. Apart from being a prudent guide, a coach helps leaders make decisions that are pragmatic and work for the overall betterment of the organization and its employees.

What is business coaching?

Business coaching services provide accredited and certified individuals that help business owners set their vision and goals for a successful business. This individual works towards improving your business performance providing valuable assistance and helping improve skills and strategies with his/her advice. It works as a relationship between a business owner and a coach. All in all, it is an investment for your business that reaps great benefits and numerous advantages.

Difference between business coaching and mentoring:

Both business coaches and business mentors are professionals which work with business owners, however there is a slight difference in what they do. While mentors are completely focused on business owners and work for the success of an individual, business coaches are more diverse in their approach. They focus on the wellbeing of the whole business along with the owner. This is accomplished by setting a definite vision, improving accountability in top leadership and building actionable plans which can be practically implemented to transform businesses.

Why do you need a business coach?

Suppose you are a CEO of a growth focused, innovative business business who wants growth, success and faster results. Ask these questions to yourself and if the answer to one or more questions is a ‘yes’ then you need a business coach to sort it out.

1. Is your company stuck at the same performance level?

2. Are you looking for more efficiency and better ways to run the business?

3. Are you unsatisfied with the execution of your leadership?

4. Do you see a lack of clarity in your employees and manager?

5. Do you believe that your employees are not giving their 100%?

This sets the premise for the need of a business coach, now let’s dig a little deeper in specific things where-in a business coach can help you in reaching your full potential.

1. By being a trusted partner: Employees look up to CEOs for guidance and direction. A coach can be your trusted advisor whom you can ask for inputs and assistance when facing a difficult situation.

2. Assisting in strategy & planning: A coach helps you in planning strategy in alignment with your business goals helping you set achievable targets and in reasoning on several important decisions.

3. For bringing in accountability: Business coaches are not simply consultants but they're professional guides who keep reminding you to work towards your business’ success and growth. A coach makes sure that you remain accountable for your actions.

4. Organizational management & market advice: A coach can help you by bringing in a new set of eyes on different aspects of running the business. They can warn you of dangers and threats and also improve sales by proposing the right approaches and business tactics to handle a situation.

Outcomes and benefits of hiring a business coach: Although no hard promises can be made regarding sales or profits since markets can be unpredictable and coaches are also not involved in executive decisions directly. However, you can expect a few outcomes after being guided by an experienced business coach: 1. Increment in industry average profitability.

2. Improvement in valuation of your business. 3. Growth in the rate of cash flow.

4. All stakeholders (shareholders, employees and customers) benefit.

How does it work?

Your business coach interacts with you on a regular basis conducting sessions and workshops for you as well as other managers in your firm. These interactions offer chances of engagement and continuous learning. Now-a-days you can also interact with an online business coach or conduct coaching calls. The coach understands the working environment and assesses the problems to devise plans and strategies to improve productivity and bring an outlook poised towards growth and success.

How to pick the right business coach?

If you had to hire a business coach for yourself, having an idea about what to look for helps. There are certain points that you must consider. After all, it is an important decision with indefinite ripple effects to your business and yourself. Here are a few key things that you must keep in mind when selecting a business coach.

1. Pick someone with confidence: Clearly, you’re paying for the person and not for what tools he/she uses to achieve the objective. Choosing a coach with confidence is the top priority considering the job ahead. Carefully assess your confidence in the person you choose to ascertain whether he/she can deliver the promised outcomes.

2. A scale of effectiveness: You can determine if a coach is aligning their own thoughts, words and actions or not by asking these questions:

Do you have your own business coach?

When was the last time you met him/her?

What are you working on with your coach at present?

What tools/processes do you recommend for my business?

When did you last spend on your own professional learning and development?

3. Search for the right ‘fit’: Find the coach that pushes you out of your comfort zone and works for your genuine improvement and not just to please you or become a sycophant.

4. Ask for training, experience & education: Anyone could claim to be a professional coach as there is no formal qualification or mandate for this job. Therefore, probe carefully to be sure about qualification, formal training and experience of your business coach.  

5. Go through previous results: Ask for documentation and reports of previous work of the coach with clients similar to you. Study the effect of coaching on specific factors like business size & model, leadership improvement and overall business environment.

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